Root Canal Treatment VS Implant

This issue is controversial to say the least, and often  spark  animated debates in the dental community. Therefore generates a lot of  confusion among patients, who often are told a totally different story visiting different dentists.

So what is the best solution?
It depends on the case and on several other factors:

FINANCIAL COST :  generally RCT and a crown is cheaper than an implant and a crown. In my practice about half the cost.
SUCCESS RATE :  RCTs and Implants, when executed by skilled hands, and in absence of anatomical complications, have both more than 90% of success. This statistics drops significantly if there are technical difficulties, such as severe root curvature, calcified canals, failed pre-existing Root Filling et for RCTs, mostly lack of bone, to be compensated with unpredictable and expensive bone graft procedure, for Implants.
LONG TERM SURVIVAL :  I agree that Implants, when they do not fail during the initial integration period, have a much longer life, due to the simple fact that, being done of metal, do not get decay.
TIME INVESTMENT :  As an average RCT requires a couple of visit, to be followed by another couple of appointments for the crown restoration. They can be booked at weekly intervals. Implants, if risky protocols such as post-extractive placement or immediate loading are avoided, require an extraction, an healing time of a couple of moths, the implant placement, another healing break of 2/3 months, and finally the crown restoration.

You should have a frank discussion with your dentist regarding pros and cons of the two options when it comes to decide what best suits you.

That is why I offer a 15 mins FREE CONSULTATION, no strings attached, to assess if Root Canal Treatment is the right course of action for my patients.

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